West 78th Street Studio

You guys were a big hit, everyone loved the band! May not have seemed like it from the lack of dancing, but I think my crowd is just not a bunch of dance people 😂 Dave Wenninger (Groom)

Music Box Supper Club Wedding

We had a live band (Nitebridge Entertainment, who were PHENOMENAL) and the sound system/sound board operator were also amazing. People couldn’t stop talking about the music and how good everything sounded. Live music was very important to us (support local musicians!) and not only did Nitebridge deliver, the Music Box provided an amazing soundscape for … Read more

Music Box Supper Club

We opened wedding season with an absolute banger’ of a celebration at the Music Box Supper Club. An unexpected turn in weather made it a 29 degrees day and we had a bridesmaid’s cellphone fall down a 10 foot hole by the Shooter’s train bridge when handing back the coat pile. (Panic at the disco … Read more

New Years Eve 2022

As many events in town have ended up cancelled due to  Covid we’re feeling very fortunate to be healthy & able to funk it up in relative safety with a fully vaccinated/tested crowd. Big ups to the fabulous Maurice Moss Stanley & Nitebridge!

Westwood Country Club.

It was wonderful to meet you Moss..you are incredibly talented and the band made the evening so memorable..have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for sticking with us for so long..it was definitely worth the wait!  Happy 2022!!